The RAPAd® method of Adenovirus construction, developed by ViraQuest Inc. scientists, has been used by other scientists around the world.

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Quality Control

Plaque forming units guarantee. Non-detectable RCA.

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Turnaround Time

Sub-cloning to finished particles in about four weeks.

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Dual Expressers

Multiple transgene expression in a single virus.

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Yearly Archives: 2005

Induction of apoptosis by adenovirus-mediated manganese superoxide dismutase overexpression in SV-40-transformed human fibroblasts

Authors: Kim A, Oberley LW, Oberley TD
Citation: Free Radic Biol Med 2005 Nov 1 39 9: 1128-1141

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Tumor necrosis factor-alpha triggers mucus production in airway epithelium through an IkappaB kinase beta-dependent mechanism

Authors: Lora JM, Zhang DM, Liao SM, Burwell T, King AM, Barker PA, Singh L, Keaveney M, Morgenstern J, Gutierrez-Ramos JC, Coyle AJ, Fraser CC
Citation: J Biol Chem 2005 Oct 28 280 43: 36510-36517

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Rapid and reversible chemical inactivation of synaptic transmission in genetically targeted neurons

Authors: Karpova AY, Tervo DG, Gray NW, Svoboda K
Citation: Neuron 2005 Dec 8 48 5: 727-735

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Overexpression of PCSK9 accelerates the degradation of the LDLR in a post-endoplasmic reticulum compartment

Authors: Maxwell KN, Fisher EA, Breslow JL
Citation: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2005 Feb 8 102 6: 2069-2074

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Rab11-FIP3 and FIP4 interact with Arf6 and the exocyst to control membrane traffic in cytokinesis

Authors: Fielding AB, Schonteich E, Matheson J, Wilson G, Yu X, Hickson GR, Srivastava S, Baldwin SA, Prekeris R, Gould GW
Citation: EMBO J 2005 Oct 5 24 19: 3389-3399

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Oncolytic herpes simplex virus mutants are more efficacious than wild-type adenovirus Type 5 for the treatment of high-risk neuroblastomas in preclinical models

Authors: Parikh NS, Currier MA, Mahller YY, Adams LC, Di Pasquale B, Collins MH, Cripe TP
Citation: Pediatr Blood Cancer 2005 May 44 5: 469-478

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Expression of the zinc transporter ZIP1 in osteoclasts

Authors: Khadeer MA, Sahu SN, Bai G, Abdulla S, Gupta A
Citation: Bone 2005 Sep 37 3: 296-304

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Radioiodine therapy of colon cancer following tissue-specific sodium iodide symporter gene transfer

Authors: Scholz IV, Cengic N, Baker CH, Harrington KJ, Maletz K, Bergert ER, Vile R, Goke B, Morris JC, Spitzweg C
Citation: Gene Ther 2005 Feb 12 3: 272-280

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Silencing of microRNAs in vivo with ‘antagomirs’

Authors: Krutzfeldt J, Rajewsky N, Braich R, Rajeev KG, Tuschl T, Manoharan M, Stoffel M
Citation: Nature 2005 Dec 1 438 7068: 685-689

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