The RAPAd® method of Adenovirus construction, developed by ViraQuest Inc. scientists, has been used by other scientists around the world.

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Quality Control

Plaque forming units guarantee. Non-detectable RCA.

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Turnaround Time

Sub-cloning to finished particles in about four weeks.

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Dual Expressers

Multiple transgene expression in a single virus.

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Tag Archives: Tissue Specific Expression

Image-guided radioiodide therapy of medullary thyroid cancer after carcinoembryonic antigen promoter-targeted sodium iodide symporter gene expression

Authors: Spitzweg C, Baker CH, Bergert ER, O'Connor MK, Morris JC
Citation: Hum Gene Ther 2007 Oct 18 10: 916-924

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In vivo radioiodide imaging and treatment of breast cancer xenografts after MUC1-driven expression of the sodium iodide symporter

Authors: Dwyer RM, Bergert ER, O'Connor M K, Gendler SJ, Morris JC
Citation: Clin Cancer Res 2005 Feb 15 11 4: 1483-1489

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Radioiodine therapy of colon cancer following tissue-specific sodium iodide symporter gene transfer

Authors: Scholz IV, Cengic N, Baker CH, Harrington KJ, Maletz K, Bergert ER, Vile R, Goke B, Morris JC, Spitzweg C
Citation: Gene Ther 2005 Feb 12 3: 272-280

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Probasin promoter (ARR(2)PB)-driven, prostate-specific expression of the human sodium iodide symporter (h-NIS) for targeted radioiodine therapy of prostate cancer

Authors: Kakinuma H, Bergert ER, Spitzweg C, Cheville JC, Lieber MM, Morris JC
Citation: Cancer Res 2003 Nov 15 63 22: 7840-7844

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