The RAPAd® method of Adenovirus construction, developed by ViraQuest Inc. scientists, has been used by other scientists around the world.

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Quality Control

Plaque forming units guarantee. Non-detectable RCA.

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Turnaround Time

Sub-cloning to finished particles in about four weeks.

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Dual Expressers

Multiple transgene expression in a single virus.

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Tag Archives: Cancer Vaccine

Induction and comparison of SIV immunity in Ad5 na

Authors: Gabitzsch ES, Xu Y, Balint JP Jr, Balcaitis S, Sanders-Beer B, Jones FR.
Citation: Vaccine. 2011 Oct 19;29(45):8101-7.

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An Ad5[E1-, E2b-]-HER2/neu vector induces immune responses and inhibits HER2/neu expressing tumor progression in Ad5 immune mice.

Authors: Gabitzsch ES, Xu Y, Balcaitis S, Balint JP Jr, Jones FR.
Citation: Cancer Gene Ther. 2011 May;18(5):326-35.

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Anti-tumor immunotherapy despite immunity to adenovirus using a novel adenoviral vector Ad5 [E1-, E2b-]-CEA.

Authors: Gabitzsch ES, Xu Y, Balint JP Jr, Hartman ZC, Lyerly HK, Jones FR.
Citation: Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2010 Jul;59(7):1131-5.

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A preliminary and comparative evaluation of a novel Ad5 [E1-, E2b-] recombinant-based vaccine used to induce cell mediated immune responses

Authors: Gabitzsch ES, Xu Y, Yoshida LH, Balint J, Gayle RB, Amalfitano A, Jones FR
Citation: Immunol Lett 2009 Jan 29 122 1: 44-51

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Comparison of vaccines for induction of heterosubtypic immunity to influenza A virus: cold-adapted vaccine versus DNA prime-adenovirus boost strategies

Authors: Lo CY, Wu Z, Misplon JA, Price GE, Pappas C, Kong WP, Tumpey TM, Epstein SL
Citation: Vaccine 2008 Apr 16 26 17: 2062-2072

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